Aug 31, 2009

Back on

EDIT: In case you hadn't figured it out already, you need to type in OO (as in the letters, not the numbers) to get my twitter username: oonr7. Sorry for the confusion.

Vacation's actually been over for me for just over a week now. However, due to jet lag and two little kids running around, I've had little time to post. Trading's been pretty good through the summer which is encouraging considering the typical summer action I've been used to.

On a personal side, I am going to get more involved in the whole social media scene as I feel like I've been pretty lax about it. I'm not used to playing catch up when it comes to online activity... especially since I worked for an online news site for over 5 years (and I definitely have time on my hands). So, I've started up my old, personal twitter account that I opened about 18 months ago (I had good intentions) and I created a new twitter account for OONR7. You can find me at
I hope all of you will follow me so I can have the incentive to get it going. I'm hoping for some good feedback and will be another foray into a live trading-like atmosphere. Let's see how it goes. I will continue to post here, but I'm just not sure if it will be every day or just the best of the best setups. Time will tell. So long as your RSS feed is working, you'll have nothing to worry about.

As for today, I had one nice trade with BHI and another in NE which never really materialized. But I'll take the results.

Aug 12, 2009

Wednesday's trades

I was 1 for 3 today with my one winner bringing me slightly above profitability for the day. All happened within the same time span but only one proved to be textbook... ADCT below:

Couldn't take a screenshot of my trade log so you'll need to take my word that I didn't have a wildly profitable day :)

Aug 10, 2009

Monday's trades

Still on vacation mode but I have managed to get in a few trades. Today I had a very nice trade in RIMM. My entry was right below the ORL (:15) and the exit was very near the fib. ext. Although, if I had used Tyler's 34% fib. ext suggestion, this would've been a perfectly executed trade :)

Got stopped out of MPS long, but the RIMM profit more than picked up the slack.

FYI: There's some douch anon poster that keeps sending Chinese comments. Must be a virus or something. In any case, I swictched comments to OpenID. That will eliminate anon postings, but I know some of you also don't have OpenIDs. Sorry about that. I hope to weed out the douche comments and then ultimately have a moderation-free comments section.

Hope you all are enjoying the summer.