Oct 2, 2009

Google Wave

Anyone of you fine readers happen to get an invite for Google Wave? I would be forever in your debt should you send me an invite as well :)


Sep 22, 2009

Tuesday's trades

About my only bright spot today was SGY. But even that turned against me later in the day. My initial position was off the 5-min chart, and I doubled up after a nice pullback on the 10-min. Like I said... it was all for not as price came back down.
Stopped out of ASML, CCL and breakeven on KMX. Finding this week especially choppy. I wonder if the way I've been trading lately just doesn't do well in 'uncertain' market days... like the days leading up to the FOMC.

Also, SpiderScan just came out with a new version which includes a new TDAmeritrade scan - along with some other new enhancements. Do yourself a favor and check out the free trial.

Lastly, I've been thinking for the past 2 months or so if I even want to continue blogging. Personally, I'm just not getting what I hoped (and experienced) when I first started a couple years ago. I don't post charts as a journal... I can do that with a folder on my desktop. I created this blog as a way to interact with other traders. This is a very isolating job and I figured the blog may be the closest thing to having an office-like environment. To bounce ideas off one another and to generally have some fun. Right now, I feel like I'm posting charts just to post charts. It's just not working out.
Granted, I haven't exactly put the kind of energy that I once did (Rise or Fall) but, still, the feedback and interaction is not there.

I'm really having a great time trading right now and personally feel like I've reached a point where I can truly consider this a career. It's taken some time to get here, but it feels good. Not every day will be a great, but what I've always hoped for is consistency and a trading plan I can depend on.

Moving forward, I will probably use this blog to post some very good, textbook trades instead of the day-to-day approach I've used since the beginning. Of course, I can only hope that I have a lot of those to showcase :)

Take care,


Sep 21, 2009

Monday's trades

Quite the crazy day. Started off with a quick 3 strikeouts in IAG, HST and SSRI. Then rebounded with some nice action in AMSC and CMA. It was a bit of a roller coaster and I hope that's not a sign of things to come for the rest of the week.

Sep 18, 2009

Friday's trade

Didn't know what to expect today with OPEX and, well, just being Friday. But I ended up in a really nice trade with BHI. I took my first trade off a break of the 10:40 bar high (nr7) and the next bar was also an nr7 so I ended up buying more shares. At this point I was really looking at how price would interact with the ORH (:15) and it immediately acted at strong resistance. I sold some shares there and again as price came back down. However, since I bought additional shares I was still in good shape.
I ended up partialing on the way up and selling all just below the fib. ext. As you can see from the chart - price continued to skyrocket. Just glad I got nice chunk of the action.

Sep 17, 2009

No trades

Not much interested me and I had a dinner to go to. Hope you all did better.

Sep 16, 2009

Wednesday's trades

Some good, some bad, some missed. I really missed an AGCO gimmie play on the 10-min chart. GNA did well for me and since my entry spread was so narrow I was able to double up on my normal amount of shares and make the small move to the fib. ext. count. FO and TTM were duds.

Sep 15, 2009

Tuesday's trade

A very satisfying day. One trade, no worries... winner. Went long ASH (10-min) after it consolidated off the 5-ema and printed a strong bar above the $42 level. Actually proceeded to tag $44 but I exited safely below the fib. ext. (after some partials). Hope you all had a good one.

Sep 14, 2009

No trades

Too much crazy chart action for me to get involved.

Sep 11, 2009

Friday's trades

Today presented a lot of opportunities early on that worked out well and it seemed like it was going to be a very good day. Unfortunately, the wind behind the early bullish sails completely collapsed... as did my profits. I watched half my profits slowly slip away but I was fortunate to scale out at the right time to end the week on a very solid note. I went long on all stocks: MGM, COV, CLF and TXT. I hesitated on JBHT (long) and BRC (short) and those went on to do very well.

Below are a couple charts and I hope you all have a good weekend.

Sep 10, 2009

Thursday's trades

If it wasn't for PG, I would be very happy with today. My entry (long 11am bar high, :05) just wasn't what I normally look for. I think I was just a bit too cocky.
MW short did work out well and made back the loss and put me in the green. Shorted off a break of the 11:10 bar low and it was a bit of a no-drama, slow moving, safe trade. Didn't make it down to the fib. ext. though. Bummer.

Sep 9, 2009

Wednesday's trade

Just one trade today: ITW long. Price broke above the :15 OR then came back down nicely and printed a strong bar at the 5ema. Entered long on a break of the 10:35 bar high (:05) and exited just below $44. Textbook, pullback trade with very little stress.

Sep 8, 2009

Chop, chop, chop

Here's how I know today was very choppy: I entered 6 trades, 1 made money, 3 were BE and 2 lost money. However, in the end, I was down less than 1R. Go figure.

I was actually up a good amount early on and debated whether I should just cash in. But - as is always the case - I tried to wait it out... wait for the right signal and that ended up costing me cash. But I think that strategy will end up making me much more money than it loses.
Trades (all long): ATI (gain), MAS (BE), TC (BE), NIHD (loss), MTL (one BE and one loss).
Hope you all did better.

Sep 2, 2009

Wednesday's trades

Ever type a word and look at and think "that totally doesn't look right" but it's spelled correctly. Well, the word 'Wednesday' did that to me right now. You can have the last 15 seconds of your life back soon enough.

Today was a little bit of yesterday but not as bad. I was quickly killing stocks from my WL but managed to spot a nice winner in ABX and a loser in MTL.

ABX burst above the :15 OR but then came back down and printed a nice strong cande right at the ORH. The stocked traded beautifully and hit the fib. ext. in no time. I kinda screwed up and oversold at the fib. ext but then realized my mistake and quickly bought back the shares.

MTL was a nice setup with an unforunate result. Missed a good setup in PAY that I didn't want to chase... nice unrealized return :) Decent money today and a profitable week which should make us all happy. I will be off to London tomorrow for a few days and will be back to trading on Tuesday. Let's hope we see some nice action next week.

Oh... and if you haven't already gone to my twitter page, please do so:twitter.com/oonr7
I've been adding more than a few followers and actually had some back and forth comments which helped break up the routine.

Have a great week and weekend. Charts and proof of performance below.

Sep 1, 2009

Short day

There really were no opportunities today for me. Well, maybe a small window to make some quick money on RIMM, but had I entered that position I almost certainly would've lost money on half my shares.

Today was also my first full day of twittering. To myself. By myself. For absolutely no one to see. Okay... there are a few followers (thanks mom, thanks bro).
Again, if you're on the twittersphere, be sure to drop by my twitter page. I could use the company :)

Aug 31, 2009

Back on

EDIT: In case you hadn't figured it out already, you need to type in OO (as in the letters, not the numbers) to get my twitter username: oonr7. Sorry for the confusion.

Vacation's actually been over for me for just over a week now. However, due to jet lag and two little kids running around, I've had little time to post. Trading's been pretty good through the summer which is encouraging considering the typical summer action I've been used to.

On a personal side, I am going to get more involved in the whole social media scene as I feel like I've been pretty lax about it. I'm not used to playing catch up when it comes to online activity... especially since I worked for an online news site for over 5 years (and I definitely have time on my hands). So, I've started up my old, personal twitter account that I opened about 18 months ago (I had good intentions) and I created a new twitter account for OONR7. You can find me at twitter.com/oonr7
I hope all of you will follow me so I can have the incentive to get it going. I'm hoping for some good feedback and will be another foray into a live trading-like atmosphere. Let's see how it goes. I will continue to post here, but I'm just not sure if it will be every day or just the best of the best setups. Time will tell. So long as your RSS feed is working, you'll have nothing to worry about.

As for today, I had one nice trade with BHI and another in NE which never really materialized. But I'll take the results.

Aug 12, 2009

Wednesday's trades

I was 1 for 3 today with my one winner bringing me slightly above profitability for the day. All happened within the same time span but only one proved to be textbook... ADCT below:

Couldn't take a screenshot of my trade log so you'll need to take my word that I didn't have a wildly profitable day :)

Aug 10, 2009

Monday's trades

Still on vacation mode but I have managed to get in a few trades. Today I had a very nice trade in RIMM. My entry was right below the ORL (:15) and the exit was very near the fib. ext. Although, if I had used Tyler's 34% fib. ext suggestion, this would've been a perfectly executed trade :)

Got stopped out of MPS long, but the RIMM profit more than picked up the slack.

FYI: There's some douch anon poster that keeps sending Chinese comments. Must be a virus or something. In any case, I swictched comments to OpenID. That will eliminate anon postings, but I know some of you also don't have OpenIDs. Sorry about that. I hope to weed out the douche comments and then ultimately have a moderation-free comments section.

Hope you all are enjoying the summer.

Jul 20, 2009

Vacation mode

Well... more like summer mode. There's always stuff to do around here and trading just happens at the worst time of the day for me (3:30pm). And, I'll be heading back to the US at the end of this week for close to a month.
I plan to trade on vacation whenever I feel like it. So, if I put together a healthy WL... I'll trade, if not - off to the beach or pool.
As for today - not so great. INFN, TEX, LFC, CBS and IBN... all losses but a lot were on reduced shares. I had been feeling pretty good about my trading too :)

Jul 16, 2009

Thursday's trade

Tough trading. Shorted SGMS and was stopped out. Made some money back with JRCC (although that was pretty choppy too). Looking like a zero sum week with one day left :)

Goldman Sachs is evil

Just read an eye-opening article from Rolling Stone. As an American, I can't feel anything more than a sense of hopelessness. GS essentially controls the US. How? Just look at all of the former GS employees in high government positions, their lobbying, and the fact that no one would be able to even take down GS without the fear of complete, financial collapse. My biggest diappointment was reading how Bob Rubin was so instrumental in the Internet Bust and the mortgage crisis.

It's also appalling how self-serving GS is and how the US has lost the meaning of 'for the people'.

Jul 15, 2009

Wednesday's trades

Sorry for the rushed post, but time is in short supply lately. Took 4 trades, 2 wins, 1 loss and 1 BE. Attached are the charts - no time for descriptions.

Jul 13, 2009

Monday's trades

The day's over and I'm none too pleased. Once again, passed on some good opportunities in ADY and MS... especially MS. Entered a couple of losers: AIG and CHU. Got stopped out on both.
Just hope there will be other good opportunities during the week. I've noticed in the past few weeks that I only get a good couple of days during the week to make my money.

EDIT: Just noticed SpiderScan is coming out with a new version. Seems like Greytrader has been working overtime. Looking forward to the new scans.

Jul 10, 2009

Friday's trades

I started off the day well with a short of PSMT off a break of the 10:30 bar low (:05). It was good for about 1R worth of profit. I saw some good, but not great, setups in SGR and RSX and decided to cut my risk in half and go for it. They were both busts: SGR (short 12:10, :10) and RSX (short 11:50, :10). Both were very narrow entries so reducing my risk meant I was risking very little.
All in all, I still ended the day positive but the week was very disappointing (although positive).

PSMT is about the best looking chart of them all so that's what I'll post:

Jul 9, 2009

Thursday's trade

Someone asked yesterday whether I considered proximity to a round number before entering a trade. I said yes, depending on the chart setup. My trade today with FLR is a good example. I entered long off a break of the 11:30 bar high. My entry was $47.99 but if you look at the chart, you'll see that it was a strong candle that formed right at the ORH and price action was very much in an upward trend. To me, it was a strong looking stock - regardless of the round number.

Now, after making an initial move... price became very choppy and I exited the trade with money in the bank. It continued to move where I wanted it to - just below the fib. ext.

Also, if you haven't checked out SpiderScan... do yourself a favor and do it now.

Jul 8, 2009

Wednesday's trades

Had some decent moves after starting the day with a loser. You know, it always seems my first trade is a loser. Anyway, shorted HOT, IBN and SLT. HOT went cold real fast and stopped me out. Not the greatest of setups (9/5) but worth a shot.

SLT presented a nice inverted hammer at the ORL which was hard to resist. Just didn't have the move in it. Made some profit and then revised my stop later.

IBN made a nice move after shorting on a break of the 10:50 bar low (:05). I partialed above the fib. ext. and wanted to see what the rest would do. Well, the rest started riding back up and I exited the rest pretty much at the fib. ext.

A solid day but I'm thinking there may be very few of these as we move further into the summer doldrums. Just need to be patient.

Jul 7, 2009

No trades

I kept deleting stocks from my WL until there was one... CEC. But volume was horrible so I just took the day off. No need to force things.

Jul 6, 2009

Welcome back... no trades

I lost internet access in my place yesterday morning and - in typical French fashion - I need to wait a day or two for them to mail me my router password. However, my neighbor downstairs allowed access to his wireless signal - but it was too late in the day.

I did manage to pull together a list of stocks but didn't really see any good setups. Some crazy action.

Jul 5, 2009

SpiderScan - the ultimate scanning tool

EDIT: SpiderScan costs $79... one-time fee, that's it.

I'm sure many of you have seen comments from Greytrader on this blog and on others. I've known GT for awhile now and about a year ago he talked about putting together a scanning tool. We both used Quotetracker, Interactive Brokers and, at the time, Prophet.net as a scanning tool and our trading styles are very similar so the idea of throwing out ideas to find out what would make a good scanning tool (without breaking the bank) was very easy.

So, GT had a great idea - since he's a programmer - to put together a tool that would basically collect information from various sources in a very quick way and all at the click of a button. After many tweaks, enhancements and feedback... SpiderScan was the end result. I have been using SpiderScan exclusively for about a 6-7 months now and ditched my prophet.net membership in the process. Spiderscan integrates information from sources/scans that include Interactive Brokers, Briefing.com, Prophet.net, Quote.com, Finviz.com and even a new Pre-market scan to help spot the early movers.

From a gap trader point of view... the benefits are really amazing. Yes, I am endorsing this product. And it's well worth the cost (and actually pays for itself after a month if you are a prophet.net silver member). But here are the reasons why SpiderScan rocks for me:

Simplicity - all I need to do is press one button to tally the results of a few different IB scans all at once and usually within a minute. Same thing goes for the rest of the scans.

Flexibility - Not only are there many different types of scans, but I can also set the volume, gap % and price which allows me to runs many different scans within the first half hour. There's also a Sector and Industry scan that shows what's up or down (and, again, does so very quickly).

Speed - not just in the fact that SpiderScan assembles many different scan criteria very quickly but there are built in features that allow me to quickly identify the kinds of stocks I'm looking for. For example, look at the screenshot below. In the 'Open' column on the far right you'll see some prices are in yellow and some are in blue. The 'blue' prices are what I look for... stocks gapping outside the previous day's range. And now, all I have to do is press Shift-B, press the spacebar and viola... all the results are quickly exported into QT and, just like that, I have my watchlist ready. Plus, all the columns are sortable and link directly into Quotetracker. So when I click on a stock... it automatically shows up in a QT chart.

Reliability - Spiderscan is just a solid product from head to toe. Plus, Greytrader is a great person to interact with and very quick to answer questions and... take suggestions.

Here's a good example of how I use SpiderScan. My first scan is at 9:34 in the morning and it's the IB scan (Spiderscan actually merges a couple of scans like the Hot Contracts By Volume and Top Close to Open - % Gainers). I would have to run 4 different IB scans, exported to Excel just to get the same results. I literally cut about 10-minutes out of my routine, not to mention all the aggravation. I adjust the volume to 50,000 shares and look for a gap of at least 1.5%. I also enter the minimum and maximum price. After about a minute I get my results. And by simply pressing Shift-B and the spacebar... all these stocks are magically transferred to Quotetracker.

Now, I run the Finviz scan at around 9:55. Again, I adjust the settings and click a button. This time when I get the results, SpiderScan knows which stocks I've already seen. To makes things simple, SpiderScan makes all new stocks orange, these are ones that did not appear in my previous IB scan. I can press Shift-C and import all these new stocks that are outside yesterday's range right into Quotetracker. Plus, SpiderScan knows what stocks are already in my Quotetracker portfolio and will not import the same stock... no overlapping.

Bottomline: Greytrader has offered to make SpiderScan available for a 10-day free trial period for a limited time. This product and offer is not available anywhere else right now so be sure to take advantage of it. And, if you're wondering... I have absolutely no financial involvment or business stake in SpiderScan. I just know a good product when I see one and Greytrader is as solid as they come. Plus, there's a really nice selection of demo videos and detailed information about all the bells and whistles on the SpiderScan blog: http://spiderscantool.blogspot.com/

I will keep this post as my first post for about the next week. All of my new trading posts will appear under this one.

Jul 2, 2009

Thursday's trades

What a slow moving day. I actually had some personal things that distracted me during the trading and - thank God for that as I most likely would've started banging my head on a table or something.
My first trade was a short of IWM off a break of the 10:35 bar low. I wish I was thinking a little more on this entry. Looking at it again, I really don't like it. I particularly don't like how the second bar dropped so much. Made the same mistake with SO earlier in the week. This can be easily corrected.
The better trades on the day - in the sense that I didn't lose money - were ERY and IYE. Went long ERY off a break of the 10:50 bar high (:10) after price retraced to the ORH and printed a textbook hammer. It jumped a bit but the choppy action later on just took me out on a revised stop.
Shorted IYE off a break of the 11:10 bar low (:10) and - just like ERY - after the initial downward move, price stalled and my revised stop was hit.
I wish I had another crack at VXX (11:10 bar high, :10). Just wasn't on the ball to take advantage of it.
It's been a good week so I can't/won't complain. Hope you all have a great 4th of July. And to all all my non-American readers... just have a good Friday and weekend.

Jul 1, 2009

Wednesday's trades

I feel like I put in a good day's work. Things started off with a questionable entry in GIS off a break of the 10:15 bar high (:05). When I entered, the candle was more hammer-like as opposed to what you see on the chart (I had to clear the chart later in the day and the backfilled info was a little different). In any case, it was a questionable entry because it did have a bit of an upper tail and I prefer my first bar to be more convincing. I actually stopped myself out of the trade a few bars later as price closed below the 5ema. More on GIS in just a bit.

I then entered SNX long off a break of the 10:45 bar high (:05). I really liked the entry and things looked good at first. But price came back down and went sideways eventually closing below the 5ema. So, I stopped myself out for a small gain. My original stop - for both SNX and GIS - was never hit. SNX would've been a nice gainer (I missed an opportunity to enter later).

Back to GIS. Further on in the day, price moved above the OR (notice the nicer looking first bar on the :10) and then pulled back to print a nice hammer and I entered again off a break of the 12:20 bar high. Price came pretty close to the fib. ext. and - as it was getting close to the end of the day - I decided to exit about .20 below my target. This worked out well as price dropped at the very end.

Jun 30, 2009

Tuesday's trades

One loss, one win. Started off shorting SO off a break of the 10:40 bar low (5-min). It was a bit below the the ORL, but I was hoping for a quick drop to the fib. ext. and that's where I would've sold. Kinda wish I hadn't taken the risk.

Next up was SCHN. Shorted off a break of the 10:50 bar low (5-min) and this was a nicer setup than SO. The OR was clearly defined and I basically bought off the pullback into the 5ema. Now, it doesn't look like much of a drop after entry but I was able to get a nice $1.2 move off of it and pretty much exited near the bottom of the day (as of 3:30).