Mar 31, 2009

Tuesday's trades

I was down... then up... then back down to breakeven. MT and AMZN stopped me out (AMZN at least went up 1R). RMD made back my loss and then some before it came back down and forced me out.

Felt like a tough trading day for me but I hope you all did well.

Mar 30, 2009

Monday's trades

I was hoping to do well with some nice shorts since the market open down in a big way. However, that wasn't the case. Only traded FSYS for some decent profit and decided to call it a day. Really wasn't anything interesting in the rest of my WL.

Mar 27, 2009

Friday's trades

Managed to eek out a nice profit after starting off poorly. Mismanaged FTO and missed a nice little run - but I'm happy to end the week positive. SWN was my saving grace and TIF was my loser. 
Enjoy the weekend.

Mar 26, 2009

Thursday's trades

Calling it a day as I'm about to head out to an Irish bar to knock back a few pints. Had a nice day with just a couple of trades. RTN was about as good as it gets.
Hope you all did well.

Mar 25, 2009

Wednesday's trades

Certainly didn't think I would be going short after the first hour of trading but that's what I ended up doing. Caught a couple of nice moves with LLTC and DF. Red arrows are where I exited all my shares.

Mar 23, 2009

Monday's trades

Some charts to enjoy. Questions? Leave a comment. BHP was a loser but a good day overall.

Mar 20, 2009

Thursday's trades

Also a rubbish day as Traderam would say. Don't remember all the stocks (SSRI, UUP both were a wash) but it was a little over 1R loss for the day. 

Mar 18, 2009

Wednesday's trades

Tried a couple of different tactics today. I just need to mix things up to give myself a better chance of making money. The grind of one good day followed by crappy days is really wearing me down. While I don't want to overtrade, I still want to feel like I can approach a chart from a few different strategies.

Anyway... shorted ADBE (10am bar low, :10) and it bascially bounced of R3 and I decided to just get out at breakeven.
Shorted HUM at the same time as ADBE and pretty much got out with a small loss.
Also shorted GFI on a break of the 9:50 bar low and it went my way at first. Partialed at 1R and left the rest which was stopped out. 
The best trade of the day was MET. Entered long off a break of the 10:45 bar high (:15), partialed then sold all just below the fib. ext. Wish I could've been part of that explosive move above the FE but I was on the sidelines.

Mar 17, 2009

Tuesday's trades

Not much of an exciting start to the week. Shorted X (10:10 bar low, :05) for breakeven after it hit 1R and came back. I then shorted CLF off the :30 timeframe (4th bar) and it came close to 1R but then bounced back up for a loss. 
Didn't really see anything else I was interested in. 

Seems like I tend to have a good first week of the month and then everything goes to crap.

Mar 13, 2009

Virtually breakeven

Quick summary:

Long BAC (10:15, :05) - didn't like long upper tails and exited for BE.
Long PGF (9:55, :05) - made some cash, scaled out past 1R and sold the rest at BE
Short CMP (10:30, :10) - did really well but once it got past the ORL it really couldn't any further down. Scaled out then sold the rest near BE.

Pretty ho-hum day to end a pretty crappy week. Had a lot of expectations and while I'm not entirely disappointed with my trades I hoped to have a better week. This up and down crap is really very tiring.

I won't be trading on Monday as I'm en route to Brugge, Belgium for a nice, relaxing 3 day trip to a medieval city (Venice of Northern Europe).

Mar 12, 2009

Thursday's trades

Day 2 of the crapfest continues for me. Went long GLD twice and the first entry (10:10, :10) went to 1R then came back down to stop me out. I was fortunate to bail on 1/2 my shares at BE. I re-entered on a break of the 11:20 bar high and it went nowhere - stopping me out quickly.

Shorted MOS off the :05 chart (11:15 bar low)... got close enough to 1R where I set a stop for 1/2 my shares at BE - which happened quickly (along with the rest of my shares at the original stop).

SFD was about the only bright spot but I wasn't able to see it to fruition. Entered long on a break of the 10:30 bar high (:15) after noticing a nice morning star pattern off the 5ema. It really didn't move much so I scaled out at the ORH then the rest as it came back down below the 12:45 bar low. I just didn't want this winner turning into a loser. Missed the move I wanted all the way up to the fib. ext. Overall, another losing day.

Wednesday's trades

A very choppy day for me with nothing going right. Entered 3 positions (TNA, RSU, MS) and was stopped out on all three. None of them even made it to 1R. TNA was about the only trade that I wasn't really comfortable with.

Mar 10, 2009

Tuesday's trades

The daylight savings time change will most likely cause me to miss some entries for the next couple weeks until Paris switches over. So till then... I just need to look at the open more carefully.

Today was decent and 2 out of 3 trades performed well. I passed on an entry (:10, 11am bar high) with WYNN that would've produced a generous payout. The two trades (E, AXA) I took were both brickwall setups that primarily used the 5ema as support. My final exit for both was right below their fib. extentions... which was nice. I think I sold at the daily high for E. I might've done better the E off the :15 (10:30) but I wasn't around. My loser was DSX (4th bar high, :10). 
Overall I'm happy to be green.

Mar 9, 2009

No trades

A boring day that started off with technical issues with TD Ameritrade's backfill. Didn't really see much of interest. Hope you all did better.

Mar 7, 2009

Friday's trades

Traded FCX (break of 10:20 bar high, :10), but only half my normal shares because I wasn't in love with the setup. Although a variation of the 'brick wall' with the 5ema and fib. level acting as support, I didn't like the amount of penetration below the 5ema prior to entry. But I did like the off-setting bar pattern. Ended up exiting my position on a break of the 10:40 inverted hammer low for a small loss.

POR was the only other stock I was looking at and thought about entering on a break of the 1:40 bar high (:10) but just didn't like the choppiness of the market.

A disappointing end to the week but I did meet and exceed my goal so I'm happy about that.

Mar 5, 2009

Thursday's trades

Not much going on today. Entered AUY off a break of the 10:45 (:05) candle high, scaled out at 8.58 or so then was stopped out at BE. Screwed up with NETL a couple of times. The first time I hesitated pressing the order button on a break of the 10:30 bar high (:10) and watched price go up. Then, I saw another entry on the :05 on a break of the 10:55 bar high but price just blew by my order and I wasn't filled. However, I forgot to cancel the order and it was filled as it fell back down a little later on. It was a partial fill and I got out quickly so not a lot of harm.
Other than that... I didn't see much.

CNBC... it's the best!

Glad I can't get it over here :) (couldn't get it to embed... sorry)

Mar 4, 2009

Wednesday's trades

Couple of FU setups that went my way (one more than the other). 

Went long off a break of the 10am bar high. I was a little hesitant for some reason and thought I would get stopped out. But price ended up going my way and I exited all my shares just below the fib. ext.

I actually saw a nice formation on the 5-min chart but couldn't find any of my 3 setups to enter. I flipped to a faster timeframe (3-min) and saw a good FU entry at the ORH. Entered long off a break of the 10:36 bar high (but I was late so I let the order slip a bit). Thought I would hit the fib. ext. early on but price fell back down. Had to step out of the apartment and ended up getting stopped out on a revised stop. Still a decent profit as I scaled out at 33.13.

Mar 3, 2009

Tuesday's trades

Another solid day to build on the momentum from yesterday. In other words... I held serve :)

Shorted off a break of the 11:30 bar low (10-min) off of a quasi-FU type trade. Scaled out a bit at 1R and the bulk after .90. I got ancy at the end of the day as price chopped around and sold all my shares before the big move down. Sucks to miss it but I won't complain.

Long off a break of the 10:20 bar high (5-min) on a 'hangin' out' setup. Like the NR hammer on my entry bar and exited all my shares just above the fib. ext.

Went long off a break of the 10:10 bar high (10-min) after a 'brick wall' setup at the 25% fib. level (and 5ema). Thought this would do better but there was stiff resistance at the 54 level and I emptied most of my shares there and the rest at BE.

Mar 2, 2009

Hitting a brick wall

This time... in a very good way. Every trade I took today was a variation of my 'brick wall' setup. 

Pretty straightforward retrace back to the 10-min ORL (which was also the :15 ORL). Shorted off a break of the 10:30 bar low and sold near the fib. ext. I didn't partial on this trade because my complete order was not filled and, instead, I just set stop order to BE on all my shares after 1R. Worked out just fine.

Using the :15 as my OR I saw a nice 'brick wall' setup with an offsetting bar on the 10:40 candle. Shorted at the low of that candle, partialed along the way and exited all my shares on a break of that mean ole hammer at 11:50.

This was different from my other setups and I used the 25% fib. level as an area of resistance (ala Trader X, but he uses it intraday). Shorted on a break of the 10:15 bar low as I wanted to see a good confirmation of the resistance. I was luck that my entry bar was just as narrow at the 10am setup bar. Took a nice ride, scaled out and exited completely just above the fib. ext.

These were some very satisfying trades. I'm sure most traders on my blogroll will probably have big days as there was some nice follow through. Felt like the good old days... or 9 months ago.