Mar 10, 2009

Tuesday's trades

The daylight savings time change will most likely cause me to miss some entries for the next couple weeks until Paris switches over. So till then... I just need to look at the open more carefully.

Today was decent and 2 out of 3 trades performed well. I passed on an entry (:10, 11am bar high) with WYNN that would've produced a generous payout. The two trades (E, AXA) I took were both brickwall setups that primarily used the 5ema as support. My final exit for both was right below their fib. extentions... which was nice. I think I sold at the daily high for E. I might've done better the E off the :15 (10:30) but I wasn't around. My loser was DSX (4th bar high, :10). 
Overall I'm happy to be green.

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