Mar 17, 2009

Tuesday's trades

Not much of an exciting start to the week. Shorted X (10:10 bar low, :05) for breakeven after it hit 1R and came back. I then shorted CLF off the :30 timeframe (4th bar) and it came close to 1R but then bounced back up for a loss. 
Didn't really see anything else I was interested in. 

Seems like I tend to have a good first week of the month and then everything goes to crap.


Anonymous said...

hey OO,
how was brugg?
yesterday there were some good setup (fu types)

OONR7 said...

anon: Brugge was amazing. Had such a great time and the weather was beautiful. I got back to Paris at 1pm EST and pulled my scans but didn't really see a tons of candidates.