Mar 5, 2009

Thursday's trades

Not much going on today. Entered AUY off a break of the 10:45 (:05) candle high, scaled out at 8.58 or so then was stopped out at BE. Screwed up with NETL a couple of times. The first time I hesitated pressing the order button on a break of the 10:30 bar high (:10) and watched price go up. Then, I saw another entry on the :05 on a break of the 10:55 bar high but price just blew by my order and I wasn't filled. However, I forgot to cancel the order and it was filled as it fell back down a little later on. It was a partial fill and I got out quickly so not a lot of harm.
Other than that... I didn't see much.

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bl said...

FWIW, 11/20(16/20) gap dns had 15"(10") IBs: cma wfc pfg gme. Fast and furious from the open with financials. FAZ wow. Observing IBs set ups on 10" 15" charts