Jun 30, 2009

Tuesday's trades

One loss, one win. Started off shorting SO off a break of the 10:40 bar low (5-min). It was a bit below the the ORL, but I was hoping for a quick drop to the fib. ext. and that's where I would've sold. Kinda wish I hadn't taken the risk.

Next up was SCHN. Shorted off a break of the 10:50 bar low (5-min) and this was a nicer setup than SO. The OR was clearly defined and I basically bought off the pullback into the 5ema. Now, it doesn't look like much of a drop after entry but I was able to get a nice $1.2 move off of it and pretty much exited near the bottom of the day (as of 3:30).

Jun 29, 2009

Monday's trades

Not a whole lot happening today in the way of great setups. But I guess we just need to peck away until we find something nice that's within our rules. That's basically how today's trade in FUQI worked out. Entered long on a break of the 10:45 bar high which formed at what I thought to be the ORH. I've been basing my OR off the 1-min chart and looking for major intraday pivot areas. FUQI's early pivot high was 19.16.
My entry was smack dab on the ORH and I managed to partial near $20 and exited the rest after it went sideways later on. A nice return are a very low volume day.

Jun 26, 2009

Friday's trade

Not much to look at on my WL. I did take a long entry in WBS (10:15 bar high, :05) that went south. ACN looked interesting after the 12:15 bar high (:10) but it was a bit too close to the :30 ORH and I was already in the hole for the day.

Jun 25, 2009

Thursday's trades

Only traded BBBY... long 10:30 bar high (:05). It was a risky entry but I liked the shallow pullback on decreased volume. Just didn't work. Missed some decent moves in ADI and MDRX.

Jun 24, 2009

Wednesday's trades

With the crappy volume and the FOMC announcement... I was happy to have a profitable day. Took 4 trades, 2 were green, 1 BE and 1 a loss. I'm having a pretty decent % of winners to losers this week and look to keep that going.
Went long with WNR, SONC, MGM and AGCO. WNR stopped me out fairly quickly (I probably should've put more weight into the long upper tail a few bars earlier). SONC and AGCO came through for me on fairly ho-hum moves. Again, just happy to find some good opportunities and leave with cash in my account.

Jun 23, 2009

Tuesday's trades

After starting the day with a trade that stopped me out only to drop back down again (SPR), I managed to have a decent day by shorting RMBS off a break of the 10:20 bar high (5-min). I wavered on entering CRMT long (11:20, 10-min) which would've been nice gainer. I'll take what I got... two straight positive days!

Jun 22, 2009

Monday's trades

The good news is that I made money today. The kind of decent money (nearly 2R) I would love to make every single trading day. Also, 3 out of 4 trades were positive with one virtually breakeven and I was finished trading by 11:30 EST. That's the good. The bad news is that I was ultra conservative today with my exits and decided to take money off the table and put it into my account (what a weird idea). This may actually be a good thing... but as you can see from the charts below - two of my trades dropped much further from where I exited.
But hey, let's focus on the positives - shall we???

All my trades were off the 5-min chart which is something new (or newer).

Jun 19, 2009

Friday's trades

What a wicked day. Entered HUM and TPX long at the same time (6/10) and things looked very good at first. But then price just reversed on me. I managed to exit 1/2 shares at BE on both but got stopped out later on. In hindsight, maybe there was too much of a move before my entry. That and the market tanking.

Enjoy your weekend (too lazy for charts).

Jun 18, 2009

Thursday's trades

Man... just can't seem to figure things out. Shorted GNTX off the 5-min chart (something new) and TNDM off the 15-min and both stopped me out. I had a chance to short GNTX off the 10-min but passed. Would've at least made my money back.

The real killer was missing EXC (6/10). There will be better days.

Jun 17, 2009

Wednesday's trades

Another boring day for me. Went short CMI off a break of the 5th bar low (10-min). I misread the spread size and calculated the wrong amount of shares (too many) but things seemed to work out at first. Unfortunately, $32 was a strong support area and I scaled out for a very small loss.
I will be patient.

Jun 16, 2009

Trading action

No trades today as volume has left the market. Hope to find just 1 or 2 decent setups this week.

EDIT: Okay, looked at the wrong number, volume wasn't horrible. But the setups still sucked.

Jun 11, 2009

Thursday's trades

Went long PVH (4/15)... moved past 1R, set half my share at BE which was hit then my original stop was hit later on. That was a quick wrapup.

Missed a nice move in CMA (8/15). I will be out of town starting tomorrow and back on Monday. Have a good weekend.

Jun 10, 2009

No trades

A bit of a wish-washy start and then just boring action. Couldn't find any trades with a justifiable entry. Hope you all found some nice moves.

Jun 9, 2009

Tuesday's trades

As Tyler would say... 'Today was a good day'. Found a nice long setup in RS off a break of the 4th bar high (:10). Price moved and came back a bit but I was still in the trade with my full position after it found some resistance at the ORH. I was also eyeing the :15 chart later on and noticed a nice setup on a break of the 11am bar high so I added more shares (I'm starting to add to winning positions when I can). I was pretty loaded up and price proceeded to go north in a nice, orderly fashion. I scaled out near a $1 gain and the rest just below the fib. ext. It continued to rise but I was happy with my return (close to 7R).
Other than that, there wasn't much else for me to write about.

Jun 8, 2009

Monday's trades

Spotted a couple of reasonable entries on the short side but nothing came out of them. Another strange day. Shorted ACH and X.

Jun 4, 2009

Thursday's trades

Just not my day. Shorted SAP and ANF and got stopped out on both. No groove this week. Had some week-changing trades that I either missed or passed on Monday and the rest has been slop for me (except for RSX yesterday). Off tomorrow to the men's semi-final of the French Open so that's something to look forward to.

I'll probably have another Rise or Fall candidate over the weekend.

Jun 3, 2009

Wednesday's trades

Gotta say... wasn't holding out hope for today either as it started off fairly quietly for me. Shorted CHU (7/15) only to get stopped out. Then I shorted RSX (10/15) and managed to make a very nice profit. Exited a bunch of shares just above the fib. ext. and held out the rest to see if it would fall further (it did not). I also had an order in for AGU (10/10) but price kinda dropped quickly and the order was never filled.

Jun 2, 2009

No trades

Couldn't find anything I liked and the rest of my WL doesn't look promising. Calling it a day.

Jun 1, 2009

Monday's trades

Not a good start to June... but when do my months ever start out well??? Went long PWE, SOHU and BHP. Got stopped out of PWE and SOHU and managed to make cash back with BHP (and a little luck that my stop wasn't triggered). Enterted BHP on a break of the 11:30 bar high (:15) and after a nice gain - and trying to hold for me - I ended up selling for a relatively meager gain on a break of the 2:30 bar low.