Jun 18, 2009

Thursday's trades

Man... just can't seem to figure things out. Shorted GNTX off the 5-min chart (something new) and TNDM off the 15-min and both stopped me out. I had a chance to short GNTX off the 10-min but passed. Would've at least made my money back.

The real killer was missing EXC (6/10). There will be better days.


Anonymous said...

SJM saved my day..
losers were HPT,GGG

market is very weird nowadays

greytrader said...

Traded NNI C&H. It went up with the financials.

bl said...

Nice upgrades: LNC(pru met hig follow)//FDX NKE//CNW ODFL(truckers follow with many points). Cramer talks up Healthcare Wed Mad Money: WLP HUM AET HLTH HNS bla bla bl. Downgrades: JCI HAR GNTX(auto parts)Observing the calls

fozzking said...

exc never even came across my scanner due to relative volume. i have it set for 1.5 and i guess exc was under it. i bought and sold wlp on the 11:10 candle. sold at .56, low was .55, go figure. i got chopped out of nflx as well but i can't remember where. i would have the charts up but i have a new internet connection. i get 16 down and .15 up, so i can't load any graphs right now.

Anonymous said...

NNI was the only good set up i saw.