Jun 29, 2009

Monday's trades

Not a whole lot happening today in the way of great setups. But I guess we just need to peck away until we find something nice that's within our rules. That's basically how today's trade in FUQI worked out. Entered long on a break of the 10:45 bar high which formed at what I thought to be the ORH. I've been basing my OR off the 1-min chart and looking for major intraday pivot areas. FUQI's early pivot high was 19.16.
My entry was smack dab on the ORH and I managed to partial near $20 and exited the rest after it went sideways later on. A nice return are a very low volume day.


bl said...

NR7, as for WBS check out today's ACM for comparison. I just didn't like the 4/10" shooting star and loose pattern. PALM was a b/b play

OONR7 said...

bl: ACM is a beautiful chart. WBS was still not a crappy chart, especially on the :05 timeframe which is where I entered. You're comparing to the :10 chart, but that's not where I entered.
Bummed I didn't get ACM.

bl said...