Jun 11, 2009

Thursday's trades

Went long PVH (4/15)... moved past 1R, set half my share at BE which was hit then my original stop was hit later on. That was a quick wrapup.

Missed a nice move in CMA (8/15). I will be out of town starting tomorrow and back on Monday. Have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

I saw this one on CMA as well, but decided to pass - why? because I tried just before the setup on the 6/10 and got stopped out... such a shame!
Caught a nice move in MUR 7/15, was chopped to b/e in SLT and missed a lot of good other setups as usual (RKH - 7/15, WYE - 7/10 I was actually in the trade but sold it after 2 cents because I realized we were over the FE..., SLB - this could have been a killer if I saw it 6 or 7/15...)

Have a good long weekend!

greytrader said...

I start the day with long watch lists these days but not a lot of good setups to be found.