Jun 22, 2009

Monday's trades

The good news is that I made money today. The kind of decent money (nearly 2R) I would love to make every single trading day. Also, 3 out of 4 trades were positive with one virtually breakeven and I was finished trading by 11:30 EST. That's the good. The bad news is that I was ultra conservative today with my exits and decided to take money off the table and put it into my account (what a weird idea). This may actually be a good thing... but as you can see from the charts below - two of my trades dropped much further from where I exited.
But hey, let's focus on the positives - shall we???

All my trades were off the 5-min chart which is something new (or newer).


Anonymous said...

today's trades don't mean much as the broader market was in downtrend. But i stand w/ my prognosis of this market is not suitable for breakout trading on indiv stocks. I am happy w/ my ETF trading

OONR7 said...

anon: I agree about today's momentum. Good luck with the ETF trading... I find that just as choppy as the general market.

bl said...

Know of any good ETF Blog Sites?
I would tend to agree with a big gap they all go down and continue, just like a big up gap. Why go thru the motion of 25-50 WL. There are exceptions. Even the upgrades got tossed!

greytrader said...

2R for 2 hours of work... Pretty good hourly rate I am sure :-)

Anonymous said...

bl: many. seeking alpha is one