Jun 3, 2009

Wednesday's trades

Gotta say... wasn't holding out hope for today either as it started off fairly quietly for me. Shorted CHU (7/15) only to get stopped out. Then I shorted RSX (10/15) and managed to make a very nice profit. Exited a bunch of shares just above the fib. ext. and held out the rest to see if it would fall further (it did not). I also had an order in for AGU (10/10) but price kinda dropped quickly and the order was never filled.


greytrader said...

Nice new flashy header :-)

OONR7 said...

grey: just 'jazzing' it up as the say in the 'biz.

Anonymous said...

can you comment on veco. I got cought in a fake.

OONR7 said...

anon: up until noon, I really didn't see any good setups in VECO. Where did you enter and why? After noon, the sideways consolidation would've made me nervous in entering the trade.

Anonymous said...

Traded the STLD 14.05 break.
Nice cup&handle in SOHU.