Apr 30, 2009

Thursday's trades

A short day for me as I had some evening plans. Entered BARE off a break of the 10:45 bar high. Three bars later it looked like I was gonna be in for a killer day... but that was short lived. I did manage to partial near $10 and set my stop about .10 above BE. Not a bad gain on the day considering there weren't many options. I did miss a nice setup in EXPE.

Wednesday's trades

Sorry about the delayed post... I was so tired last night!!!

One weird effing day. Started off with a quick loss in TWX (7/10). I then had a full WL and had to wait... and wait. I then went long CHT (8/15) and it kinda went nowhere. In the afternoon I set my stop to BE but my order was triggered and filled about .06 above it. IB has been doing some weird fills lately but I know it's not worth the effort to contact them.
I also entered SLAB off the 11:50 bar high (:10) which was an inside nr3. While it closed just below the ORH, it did close at the .50 mark which I like. The stock took off and I was happy. Took partial at 2R, but then re-entered off another setup (2nd black arrow). Everything was going well until a $1 drop in a matter of seconds. That big spike down on the chart is not a data spike... about 2R in profit wiped away. I haven't experienced that kind of spike in a very, very long time. I'm glad I had revised my stop to well above BE so as to keep a nice gain.

Apr 28, 2009

No trades

Very funky day with hardly any good setups for me. I almost entered AAN near the end of the day (2pm bar high/:15) but didn't want to risk it. Would've turned into a nice, quick profit. 

Apr 27, 2009

Monday's trades

I arrived back from vacation and in my apartment at around 3:05 Paris time. At 3:30 or so I walked over and got some Chinese take out for the evening. Got back and figured I would fire up the scanners to see if anything was interesting. I mention all this simply to point out how great trading can be. Really doesn't take too long to get things up and running and with a laptop and high-speed internet... I can trade anywhere. 
Of course, I need to be profitable week in and week out which I'm working on :)

Today was profitable, though. Unexpected profit is always nice. Here's what I traded:
Shorted SII off a break of the 10:20 bar low and ended up scaling out to a -.5R loss. One thing I need to note is that if a stock does not move after my entry... that's usually an indication of a failed setup. Scaling out at BE and waiting for another entry might be the best course of action.
The second and last trade was EWW. I was waiting for a setup off the :15 and got what I was looking for on a break of the 12pm bar low. My entry was an inside, NR7 bar on a pullback in the 5ema. I took profit at the ORL after the 12:45 bar printed a strong hammer. Kept the till close the closing to see what would happen. 

It was a pretty choppy morning and I'm happy to end up positive. Just need to keep looking for the right setups.

Also, I took over 400 photos on my vacation through the Eastern Mediterranean and hope to upload more than a few during the week. So keep an eye out.

Apr 16, 2009

Feeling ill

MCO and GPC. Traded both of them and got chopped out of MCO and revised my stop with GPC. They both presented second entries (passed on MCO and was away for GPC) that would have made my month. So ill. The good news is that the tweaks I've been making are presenting some nice opportunities. Now I just need to execute better.

Also, I will be on vacation till the 27th starting tomorrow. While I need a good break, I know I will think about how this month is panning out. Maybe by the 4th day I will forget :) 
Until then... happy trading.

Apr 15, 2009

Wednesday's trades

This was another one of those 'nothing-crazy-but-I'll-take-it' kinda days. Actually, at the rate I've been going, I'll take this any day. Maybe I've bottomed out????
Shorted ABT (twice), ETP and ACI. The first short of ABT was off the :10 chart and after a quick run down it came back up and stopped me out at BE (after pocketing some change). The next short off the :15 was much better and $42 seemed like a good place to get out.
ACI was just your average, run-of-the-mill, NR7 pullback to the 5ema and then drop. I decided to exit once the 5ema was breached to the top side.
The only interesting thing about ETP was that I decided to get out quickly. With NR entries... I've noticed the moves tend to happen quickly. If they don't... be careful.

Apr 14, 2009

Tuesday's trades

All I can do is just shake my head. Really wasn't much for me to look at out there today but that's no excuse for missing trades. Looking forward to my vacation. I'm in the midst of a nasty drawdown. Yuck.

Entered here.

Shoulda entered here (later on).

Apr 13, 2009

Suckin' it

That's exactly how my trading feels the last two weeks. Traded SUSQ, TXT and PH. SUSQ turned out okay, TXT was pretty much breakeven and PH screwed me.

Trading is definitely tough as of late.

Apr 8, 2009

Hey guys

I've had a buddy in town and, well... blogging's been on the backburner. I have managed to trade - albeit very poorly, but trade nonetheless. Sometimes I don't even think I know what the hell I'm doing :)

Oh well... that's it for today.

Apr 2, 2009

Thursday's trades

Had a friend come into town so I knew I wouldn't be able to closely follow my watchlist. After an hour or so I just decided to focus on ES. Caught a couple of nice runs and was happy with the unexpected results.

Apr 1, 2009

Wednesday's trades

Nothing spectacular to report. Got stopped out of DHR as I tried to go long off a break of the 10:30 bar high (:10). Ended up traded ES and made back most of the loss. 

I'm just not finding a lot of really good setups this week.