Apr 8, 2009

Hey guys

I've had a buddy in town and, well... blogging's been on the backburner. I have managed to trade - albeit very poorly, but trade nonetheless. Sometimes I don't even think I know what the hell I'm doing :)

Oh well... that's it for today.


Anonymous said...

don't give up tradin OO. Persistense. It pays. Look at traderam.

TL said...

Take your time. Would love to see you post your trades soon though.

Tyler said...


I am trying to configure QuoteTracker for a backup platform. How do you scale for gappers? A lot of my gapper WL gapped off the screen and I can't get it to adjust.

Thanks in advance.


OONR7 said...

tyler: that used to happen to me. Goto Options>Edit preferences>Charts>Miscellaneous

Look for the Spike Filter option and make sure it's 200. That should do the trick.

Tyler said...

Worked like a charm!