Apr 27, 2009

Monday's trades

I arrived back from vacation and in my apartment at around 3:05 Paris time. At 3:30 or so I walked over and got some Chinese take out for the evening. Got back and figured I would fire up the scanners to see if anything was interesting. I mention all this simply to point out how great trading can be. Really doesn't take too long to get things up and running and with a laptop and high-speed internet... I can trade anywhere. 
Of course, I need to be profitable week in and week out which I'm working on :)

Today was profitable, though. Unexpected profit is always nice. Here's what I traded:
Shorted SII off a break of the 10:20 bar low and ended up scaling out to a -.5R loss. One thing I need to note is that if a stock does not move after my entry... that's usually an indication of a failed setup. Scaling out at BE and waiting for another entry might be the best course of action.
The second and last trade was EWW. I was waiting for a setup off the :15 and got what I was looking for on a break of the 12pm bar low. My entry was an inside, NR7 bar on a pullback in the 5ema. I took profit at the ORL after the 12:45 bar printed a strong hammer. Kept the till close the closing to see what would happen. 

It was a pretty choppy morning and I'm happy to end up positive. Just need to keep looking for the right setups.

Also, I took over 400 photos on my vacation through the Eastern Mediterranean and hope to upload more than a few during the week. So keep an eye out.


TL said...

congras on a profitable day after a vocation. Monday was not a good day for me.

OONR7 said...

sorry to hear about the bad day TL. Hope today is better.