Apr 15, 2009

Wednesday's trades

This was another one of those 'nothing-crazy-but-I'll-take-it' kinda days. Actually, at the rate I've been going, I'll take this any day. Maybe I've bottomed out????
Shorted ABT (twice), ETP and ACI. The first short of ABT was off the :10 chart and after a quick run down it came back up and stopped me out at BE (after pocketing some change). The next short off the :15 was much better and $42 seemed like a good place to get out.
ACI was just your average, run-of-the-mill, NR7 pullback to the 5ema and then drop. I decided to exit once the 5ema was breached to the top side.
The only interesting thing about ETP was that I decided to get out quickly. With NR entries... I've noticed the moves tend to happen quickly. If they don't... be careful.

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anarco said...

Very nice trading!