Apr 30, 2009

Wednesday's trades

Sorry about the delayed post... I was so tired last night!!!

One weird effing day. Started off with a quick loss in TWX (7/10). I then had a full WL and had to wait... and wait. I then went long CHT (8/15) and it kinda went nowhere. In the afternoon I set my stop to BE but my order was triggered and filled about .06 above it. IB has been doing some weird fills lately but I know it's not worth the effort to contact them.
I also entered SLAB off the 11:50 bar high (:10) which was an inside nr3. While it closed just below the ORH, it did close at the .50 mark which I like. The stock took off and I was happy. Took partial at 2R, but then re-entered off another setup (2nd black arrow). Everything was going well until a $1 drop in a matter of seconds. That big spike down on the chart is not a data spike... about 2R in profit wiped away. I haven't experienced that kind of spike in a very, very long time. I'm glad I had revised my stop to well above BE so as to keep a nice gain.


greytrader said...

Fed announcement at 14:15... I went flat at 14:00.

OONR7 said...

now I feel stupid instead of unlucky. Thanks GT :)