Mar 13, 2009

Virtually breakeven

Quick summary:

Long BAC (10:15, :05) - didn't like long upper tails and exited for BE.
Long PGF (9:55, :05) - made some cash, scaled out past 1R and sold the rest at BE
Short CMP (10:30, :10) - did really well but once it got past the ORL it really couldn't any further down. Scaled out then sold the rest near BE.

Pretty ho-hum day to end a pretty crappy week. Had a lot of expectations and while I'm not entirely disappointed with my trades I hoped to have a better week. This up and down crap is really very tiring.

I won't be trading on Monday as I'm en route to Brugge, Belgium for a nice, relaxing 3 day trip to a medieval city (Venice of Northern Europe).

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