Mar 12, 2009

Thursday's trades

Day 2 of the crapfest continues for me. Went long GLD twice and the first entry (10:10, :10) went to 1R then came back down to stop me out. I was fortunate to bail on 1/2 my shares at BE. I re-entered on a break of the 11:20 bar high and it went nowhere - stopping me out quickly.

Shorted MOS off the :05 chart (11:15 bar low)... got close enough to 1R where I set a stop for 1/2 my shares at BE - which happened quickly (along with the rest of my shares at the original stop).

SFD was about the only bright spot but I wasn't able to see it to fruition. Entered long on a break of the 10:30 bar high (:15) after noticing a nice morning star pattern off the 5ema. It really didn't move much so I scaled out at the ORH then the rest as it came back down below the 12:45 bar low. I just didn't want this winner turning into a loser. Missed the move I wanted all the way up to the fib. ext. Overall, another losing day.


anarco said...

Such a nice entry on SFD!
But it seems like it needed to test $7.00 before taking off... what a bummer :-(

Ilunga said...

i went into $sfd way too early and lost patience
missed the rally either :(

OONR7 said...

thanks anarco... congrats on your good day.

llunga: while I'm bummed I missed the big run, I did make money and made a very logical exit.

bl said...

NR7 is everything in your trading platform automated, ie, press one button and 30 most % up appear, press another and they chart up, press another and Fibs S1 R1 appear, etc? Or do you have to do iot manually? Thanks

OONR7 said...

bl... the only thing that's automatic on my charts are the S1, R1 levels. Everything else I do manually. Quotetracker doesn't have the fib. levels automatically (don't know why). I may just have to switch platforms. But to justify that I need to make more money.