Sep 14, 2009

No trades

Too much crazy chart action for me to get involved.


bl said...

ZOOM 6/30"

bl said...

Get a WL like insr: hig lnc aig afl met pru . Gaps aren't the only way to go esp when mkt reverses from a gap down. Gaps too extended at that point ... play a beta stock that fires off or if lucky play ZOOM or wait for a rally in your bio WL: auxl dndn hgsi.

OONR7 said...

bl: for the last time, gaps are the way I trade. I'm not going to change things because of one crazy-action Monday. Thanks for your hindsight trade analysis.
However, I do have a challenge for you... a way to pique my interest in your trading style. For one day, maybe tomorrow... I would love for you to actually post a comment right here when you enter your trades. Just a simple: long ZOOM will do.
Sound good? Will you take the challenge?

bl said...

10-4, you put me to the task. I shall try, and keep my mouth shut till then. Thanks,

OONR7 said...

bl: I don't want you to keep your mouth shut but you're like a broken record sometimes. You obviously know how I trade yet suggest I do something different without providing any kind of analysis or detailing information.
Believe me, I want to hear from as many viewers as possible but if it's just pointing out what I missed... I can just run a scan for that :)

Anonymous said...


My name is Brian Lund and I am with FB Financial Group, out of Chicago and Los Angeles. Our licensed broker dealer Ditto Trade is looking for traders to work with in a new venture. I would like to take a few minutes to talk with you about your possible participation.

I could not find a contact for you on your site so that is why I am commenting on an old post, in the hopes you see it (and then delete it...).

I look forward to hearing from you!

Brian Lund
Senior Vice President
FB Financial Group