Sep 18, 2009

Friday's trade

Didn't know what to expect today with OPEX and, well, just being Friday. But I ended up in a really nice trade with BHI. I took my first trade off a break of the 10:40 bar high (nr7) and the next bar was also an nr7 so I ended up buying more shares. At this point I was really looking at how price would interact with the ORH (:15) and it immediately acted at strong resistance. I sold some shares there and again as price came back down. However, since I bought additional shares I was still in good shape.
I ended up partialing on the way up and selling all just below the fib. ext. As you can see from the chart - price continued to skyrocket. Just glad I got nice chunk of the action.


TraderAm said...

Nice trading 00nr. Both today and since your return from vacation. keep up the good work.

OONR7 said...

thanks traderam.