Sep 8, 2009

Chop, chop, chop

Here's how I know today was very choppy: I entered 6 trades, 1 made money, 3 were BE and 2 lost money. However, in the end, I was down less than 1R. Go figure.

I was actually up a good amount early on and debated whether I should just cash in. But - as is always the case - I tried to wait it out... wait for the right signal and that ended up costing me cash. But I think that strategy will end up making me much more money than it loses.
Trades (all long): ATI (gain), MAS (BE), TC (BE), NIHD (loss), MTL (one BE and one loss).
Hope you all did better.

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bl said...

Looks like one had to be in the right sector today: solar, bio. MTL 6/15" for $100. $ gapped down looks better to long oil/coal: cheaper stocks fto crzo swsi gmxr bbep exh bexp.China: cmed uta vit.
amd upgrade