Aug 10, 2009

Monday's trades

Still on vacation mode but I have managed to get in a few trades. Today I had a very nice trade in RIMM. My entry was right below the ORL (:15) and the exit was very near the fib. ext. Although, if I had used Tyler's 34% fib. ext suggestion, this would've been a perfectly executed trade :)

Got stopped out of MPS long, but the RIMM profit more than picked up the slack.

FYI: There's some douch anon poster that keeps sending Chinese comments. Must be a virus or something. In any case, I swictched comments to OpenID. That will eliminate anon postings, but I know some of you also don't have OpenIDs. Sorry about that. I hope to weed out the douche comments and then ultimately have a moderation-free comments section.

Hope you all are enjoying the summer.


Tyler said...


Nice trade and thanks for the shout-out! How is your vacation so far? I hope you are having fun.


OONR7 said...

Tyler... having a blast. I mentioned your buddy's boat-rental business yesterday as a friend of mine had me out on his 33' Grady White. Really nice boat and a great time on the water.

Tyler said...

Thanks 00NR7. I talked to him the other day and he said that the actual finished site will be up and running September 1st. It should be really nice. Tell your friend to check it out then if he is interested.