Jul 16, 2009

Goldman Sachs is evil

Just read an eye-opening article from Rolling Stone. As an American, I can't feel anything more than a sense of hopelessness. GS essentially controls the US. How? Just look at all of the former GS employees in high government positions, their lobbying, and the fact that no one would be able to even take down GS without the fear of complete, financial collapse. My biggest diappointment was reading how Bob Rubin was so instrumental in the Internet Bust and the mortgage crisis.

It's also appalling how self-serving GS is and how the US has lost the meaning of 'for the people'.

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The A Trader said...

Interesting story. thanks for sharing it. Did u read the other story "http://www.themistrading.com/article_files/0000/0348/Toxic_Equity_Trading_on_Wall_Street_12-17-08.pdf"