Jul 13, 2009

Monday's trades

The day's over and I'm none too pleased. Once again, passed on some good opportunities in ADY and MS... especially MS. Entered a couple of losers: AIG and CHU. Got stopped out on both.
Just hope there will be other good opportunities during the week. I've noticed in the past few weeks that I only get a good couple of days during the week to make my money.

EDIT: Just noticed SpiderScan is coming out with a new version. Seems like Greytrader has been working overtime. Looking forward to the new scans.


Anonymous said...

made some nice money on USO reversal as well as SSO.
ETF trading is all you need folks..don;t get bogged down by gaps that don;t work the way you want and u end up gawking on 'em whole day long//there are better things to do in life

bl said...

NR sorry to hear. This was a good day for financials with all the pos premkt news: gs bac=FAS..b/b 5fib bounce 3/15" 2/30" perfect set up. No pos, with some scalp trades in bac. 9/14 top% financials. Let's kick butt on these types of days.

bl said...

Anon: ETF day trade blogg other than Seeking Alpha? Tia