Nov 29, 2007

4 trades

All losses. Felt like I was on a treadmill today and going nowhere. Fortunately, only SHLD was a full 1R loss... the rest were fairly minimal. Traded the following:

SHLD: Short, 1:30pm bar low
GPRO: Long, 12pm bar high
DLTR: Long, 11:30am bar high
ALD: Short: 12pm bar low

Sometimes, proper trade management will cause me to take a loss. For instance, DLTR and ALD never touched my original stop (opposite side of entry) but I partialed out to limit losses.
Have a good weekend, I'm off to Nurnberg, Germany tomorrow! Kicking the Christmas spirit into high gear for the kids as we're going to a bonafide Christmas market.


Jerry said...

Yes, I agreed with you. Have a great trip.

Hammer Trader said...

DLTR show up on my screen too, I was looking at the break of 15 minutes chart 5th bar, but I end up didn't take it and trade CHU in stead.

BTW: I am starting to post my gap list (result from my scannner) at about 9:50 am.. Hope it's helpful to you.

greytrader said...

Hey OO,

Food for thought in your current data provider quest:
My current data setup with QT; TD Ameritrade backfill (small unactive account) and Etrade RT data (Just figured out they support 150 streaming symbols iof 80 as stated on QT website).

Ameritrade now backfills 10 days as of Nov 25 with QT version 3.8.7
The backfill is very fast.

Cost... Free !

I also have been playing with Ameritrade's StrategyDesk which is a capable real time scanner.

greytrader said...

Thanks to hammer trader for telling me Etrade supports 150 QT streaming symbols :-)

OONR7 said...

gt: I'm pretty close to opening up a small account with Ameritrade.