Dec 6, 2007

Fun day

Don't know about you, but I found a lot of candidates out there. All in all, I traded 4 stocks today (and partialed out quite a few times).

PTIE Long: 5/15

ZUMZ Short: 12/15

TGT Short: 15/15

SVVS Short: 7/15

The least favorite was TGT and the one I liked the most, although I didn't capitalize on the last push was SVVS. Entered after two inside bars and a small consolidation right at S3. Took a partial off the 11:30 bar high (almost after I entered) then exited all at the ORL. While the PnL wasn't huge today it felt good to crack the knuckles after not having an active trading day for a while.

Here's the chart:


Jerry said...
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Mike said...

hi OONR7, where did u pick svvs from
? it wasn't on briefing gapper.

bl said...

nr7, Back at the wheel again, eh! Know the feeling. To me looks like shorting has less of a WL and there fore more attention can be given to the little rascals.TI premkt via Scottrade had 5% dn gappers: tgt cha zumz cmtl frpt cha, add ryaay joyg from NASDAQ's premkt Heatmap, and Briefing: driv issc fdo srp joyg(reversal mucho), and I gotta list. 5 min chart on tgt cha zumz comtl ryaay reversed at fib levels. Of course with Bush's subprime speech the group, brokers took off.

bl said...

Of course not reading Jamie's Briefing premkt Bush 1:45 speech lowdown, I missed the brokers rallying: mer +3 leh +2.5 from 1:45 to close. Doesn't get better than that!

OONR7 said...

mike... must've gotten SVVS from my IB scan. Wow, is that bad English or what???

OONR7 said...

mike... just checked again and it was also in my scan that I pulled at 9:55