Dec 13, 2007

Mixed bag

Shorted ELN and KEM and got out fairly early after no initial movement (small loss with KEM and small gain with ELN). Went long AMIS off the 2pm bar high for some profit. Overall a pretty forgettable day. No interesting charts to show.


greytrader said...

I shorted ELN and KEM also. Small gain and BE :-)

drdave said...

I took CIEN short.

Missed MATK and RIGL

wolverine said...

I have a question on exits and timeframes for everyone. I went short SCSS below the 6th 10' bar. The 6th bar on 15' worked too, but I saw the 10' first. I know mixing up timeframes is a bad thing, so I managed the trade on 10'. But I got shaken out at the start of 1:40 bar after the 1:30 bar closed above the 10' 5EMA. So I missed the second leg down. On the 15' charts, the 5EMA held. Would anybody have played that differently? Like, could you convert a shorter trade to a 15' timeframe after the stock sets up on the 15'? Or is that just asking for confusion?

Caught RIGL (5') but got shaken out early. Still mourning that one.

Tom T. said...

Yeah - there was not much today to look at.

bl said...

My first reaction premkt was, "Short JOSB." .Wish I had down almost 4 pts. Too many >$1 gap downs so went with 5%(11 premkt + 6 at open scan): adpi scss eln cien nibx plt(at open scan) asys eeft. Long BIIB reversal(I thought) stopped out(-), long(be), long(+). Screw it bot 60Jan call 1.85 sold 2.5=$600. Rigl... must have come up on someone's screen! +224%. Leh led the brokers up and down-volatility.
Wolverine, Nice trade. Some trades work well in 10" and not 15"(asys)Whatever gets you in the trade...and out. Victoria's Box used the 10" to get in and 15 out. I look at the 5 and 17 ema's and scss didn't close decisively above the 10 after flat lining. Look at at the 30 for confirmation in this case. Take a partial and let the other ride. 10' min chart on a flat lining chart won't tell you much. Good luck.

greytrader said...

Can you short MBI today (Friday IB or others)

I hate this "could not borrow shares..."