Jan 14, 2008


Shorted SNS (:30, 1pm bar low) and it immediately went against me and just lingered. I partialed out a bit but still ended up taking a .75R loss. The last few trading days have really sucked.


bl said...

I started out looking at the 10 premkt gap dns. Best of them: har cpwr sgen and the rest reversed. At the open shorted mer for b/e, long mos for a latte. fertilizers ,agri, construction groups were hot. Big gap up/dn trades seem to be hard to trade but there was: pwe wcg vlck arm. did you scan any of these?

Dave said...

There were opportunities to be had, even on the late day. I was out until about 2PM, when I had my gap up scan and found WCG and ACLI for 2R each. Of course I'm kicking myself for not letting WCG run beyond the .38 extension

OONR7 said...

bl: yeah, had those stocks but just flat out missed VLCK. That time of the day (12:30 bar) is very distracting for me.

dave: congrats. WCG didn't present an opportunity for me and I don't like trading stocks after they've hit the fib. ext.