Jan 10, 2008

NIHD - Hit and Run

Since I normally don't enter trades before 10:30... I always take a look at King Jamie's watchlist before 10am to check for inside bars forming near the intraday pivot point. Today... I found NIHD. Entered long on a break of the 2nd bar high which was right at the pivot point. The third bar was a rollercoaster so I figured I'd take the money and run if it got to 2R. And that's what I did.

I also entered EMN off the :30... dumped half my shares for breakeven, then took a loss on a revised stop. I then closed the computer and called it a day. Of course, right after I did that a nice entry showed up on the :15 (2pm bar). Bitch!


Jerry said...

Similar to your emn, that is what happened to my ppdi yesterday.

Dave said...

bleh I was watching BKS and passed on it... entered UAUA and closed my position early as I thought it was going to end up stopping out, and closed GYMB early... closed FRZ early too

yay, so what did I leave on the table, like 20+ R?

oh well net -1R for the day

bl said...

2:22 is the reversal/rally/sell time a day trader has said. Amateurs in the am and pros in the pmI put up a 2 or 3 hr 1" chart(per Mr Jamie) of the brokers with a 50 ema and WOW: mer ms leh jpm $xbd. Solars were yesterday. EMN did it along with a 5/13 ema.

QQQBall said...


great scene from "Knotting Hill."

work continues, so im doing some early morning watching - little swings. got stopped on SLW yesterday

OONR7 said...

dave: yeah, I hate leaving 20R on the table :)

qqq: what's up dude?