Apr 25, 2008

Another active day

Took 5 trades today: MSFT, SWN, NTGR, ARBA, RVBD
I ended up profitable in 4 of them with NTGR being the little b#$%& of the clan. SWN was actually a mistake entry (8/10) as I hadn't drawn my fib. lines before entry. Once I drew them in I realized price had already hit the fib. ext. Fortunately for me, priced moved in my favor... I exited immediately and made a small profit.

None of my trades were huge as I was pretty aggressive with managing my exits and price action was very slow. The only one that was quick and fairly satisfying was RVBD. My first trade today, I entered RVBD off the 5-min chart (9th bar) and price quickly rose to just below the fib. ext. which is where I exited. I timed my exit on this pretty well.


anarco said...

Very nice trading this week OONR7 congrats. I also had a good day today with ISIS.
Have a nice weekend!

OONR7 said...

anarco: thanks, take out Monday and Tuesday and it was a good week. Today was a bit of a grind but it was fun. Nice job with ISIS.

TraderAm said...

Yes good trading 00nr.

I've two days without any trades, wonder if I will get withdrawal symptoms..lol

bl said...

How do I view your charts? Also VMW came up on a 30" hammer candle scan 6/30. A nice move. Good trading to you you.

bl said...

Some interesting 30" premkt naz scan/Briefing charts: isis
avid ntgr ezpw bjri trmb sivb wmgi vsea arba. Throw in cof for axp. I'm beginning to like 30" charts. Alot more clarity.

OONR7 said...

traderam: I know what you mean... trading is extremely boring when you're just looking at a computer for hours and not taking any action. However, better to wait for the right opportunity than to risk capital just because you're bored.

bl: not sure why you can't see the charts. I checked my IE page and it looked ok. However, you know of my issues with Internet Explorer. My charts appear fine with Firefox. I suppose this problem is because my blog template is 'custom'. I'm thinking of changing the look and dropping the info into a more traditional blog template.

Also, I like the :30 chart but I haven't been switching over them lately.

PRD trader said...

u r my neighbour,we can do that(beer at a brasserie)any time.