Apr 2, 2008

Excel question

Here's what I'm trying to do in Excel and maybe one of the readers knows how to do it. So, I want want to import my first scan list of the day at 9:35 or so. Then, at around 10am, I'd like to import a second scan list. However, I want to only see the new or different stocks from the second list.
I could manually do it by deleting all the duplicate pairs but I'm hoping there's a much faster and easier way.

Any ideas? Suggestions?


High Qual said...

High light your list and then go tory Data-Filter-Advanced Filter and choose "unique records only"

anarco said...

I am sending you an email with the spreadsheet. Let me know if you need anything else.

OONR7 said...

high qual: that will remove the duplicates... but I want to remove the duplicate and the original leaving only the new stocks from the second scan.

anarco: I'll check it out. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, how would excel help?


TraderAm said...

You could do it via an excel macro, but I'm not really up to speed on that yet as I want to do something simliar and I'm still investigating.

Just out of interest did you get the IB supplied spreadsheet working with gap scans ?


Alex said...

Use the VLOOKUP function. Arrange your first scan results in a leftmost column, the second column fill with '1's or 'TRUE's, to the third column place your secondary scan results, the fourth column fill with function of VLOOKUP of the values in the third column inside the first column returning 'TRUE' if found. Copy if FALSE.

OONR7 said...

tradermd: sometimes I'll pull a scan early, say 9:35, and then one at 9:55. Some of the same candidates might be included and I'd rather just import the new ones than have to backfill the others (which I may have discarded anyway).

traderam: yeah, that scan's been working the day after you told me. I just needed to download the latest TWS version.

alex: thanks for your info. I will mess around with it.

anarco: you're the bomb, dude. Thanks.