May 29, 2008

Fresh meat

Ran some errands today and had my camera with me as there are usually some pretty interesting shots on any given path in Paris. So, I stumble along this shot below. Meat straight from the butcher is 100x better than anything package in the store. However, I'm not sure I'm fond of the dangling meat in the middle of the street thing :) I can also imagine how this meat was bangin' around in the back of the truck.

BTW: If anyone's into photography... Adobe Lightroom is simply amazing. It turns already great photos in art gallery-like stills. Here's an example of what I mean:


After (straightened, bumped up exposure, increased temp, clarity, vibrance)


Anonymous said...

i was in paris last month, at Rue cler. Saw many shops w/ hanging meat. French food is noo doubt over rated. But the french are the most ungracious of hosts..And was very suprised to pay for to take dump/pee on the train platform ( it being a socialist cuntry and all)

wanted to meet you to do daytrading (LOL)but my wife had different ideas.

OONR7 said...

heck... you were lucky there was a WC in the train platform :)

Parisians definitely have a way about them. While they may not be outwardly friendly they are very courteous and respectful.