May 20, 2008

Lots of action

Not a lot of bucks. My watchlist was so full today... (all together now- How full was it???) I had to switch to just the :15 chart (gasp!!!). Went long SKF and short COF and - at times - I had some pretty decent profit. However, just like other recent days... those nice profits were short lived. Ended up green but still didn't feel like a satisfying day.
All in all... I traded my plan and by doing so I know I will capitalize on some nice opportunities very soon. I thinks it's very easy to get caught up in the chop and be in the red quickly.


anarco said...

I also traded COF on 6/15 but it reversed on me at 10/15. Oh well...

Tom T. said...

I thought the 70 + candidates was a joke when I ran prophet - I ended up using WSW's list and found nothing there - I then ran prophet later and input DPTR into the watchlist - I made a mental note to watch if it gets close to 24.50 and then forgot it as I watched another stock - I would probably have paid closer attention if that first bar was green. Got lost in the chop instead. OONR& - my interpretation is that now we will have some direction to the market and we will see either some strong moves up or down for the rest of the week - good luck on your trades for the rest of this week - I am wondering if it is a good idea to even try to trade on Friday before holiday weekend?

bl said...

From the 700+ WL <$100 at close of first 30min open by +pts: clr wll ard aem agu upl esmk exc sqm unfi mstr nat enr dwsn mdt crzo nflx peix nile. Don't have to be gappers Some nice 30" charts