Jun 6, 2008

No trades

A lot of candidates but most of them never made it to the ORH/L. ABX, FDRY, GG and DRYS were the only ones I looked at all day.


croker said...

UAUA from Bl's comment yesterday was a good one today for break of the ORL.

PDT said...

Yea pretty much chop city.

Why did you pass on the 1pm 15min candle on GG? 2 and 2:15 candles look good too but a little late in the day.

Do you find on extreme down days like this it is best to not even attempt longs?

Anonymous said...


bl said...

Alot of opportunity: uso dbl kwk aci hei fmcn sohu esl ba aig(neg news sec=auto short...almost. Gotta be flexible...beta groups/gapping stocks. No pos.

OONR7 said...

pdt: with the market being so down... I just didn't feel comfortable entering a long position yesterday. The 1pm bar would proven to be a nice entry (:15). I was also tempted to enter on a break of the 2:25 bar high (:05) but it was already late in the day and the market was tanking. Would've been good for a decent gain.

I missed FDRY off the :15 (12:30 bar low).