Sep 10, 2007

One and done

Took a shot shorting WM but it didn't work out. Watchlist was also very short today.

Bring on tomorrow.


greytrader said...

At least Prophet worked :-)

Trade-ideas still looks good. I wish they had a trial offer other than the limited demo.

GIGM is the last stock I am watching before calling it a day.

OONR7 said...

I was also watching GIGM but it left a bit of an upper tail on my potential entry so I passed.

greytrader said...

In at 15.42, out at 15.47. Too much craziness :-)

OONR7 said...

yes... today was certainly crazy.

bl said...

just looked at WM...perhaps a good contra trade long 9/15" 6/30". alota tails. Briefing list had some interest. Longed VSEA on a reverse 6/15, stopped out, reentry 8/15, not the best but some profit. 6/30 looked ok. Gigm looks daily extended. Many 15" tails in afternoon 9/15 and 4/30 hammers