Jul 10, 2008

Late post... missed trades

I always feel like I'm going to have at least one good day a week of trading. So far this week... there have been very little opportunities even if I had traded a full day. Today, as usual, I stopped trading at 12pm. There was only one trade that had me really wondering whether I should enter and that was ZUMZ. I really contemplated entered off a break of the 11:30 bar low but price hadn't close at or below the ORL (only off by .01). It was an NR7 on decreased volume as well. The next bar presented another good entry which I should've entered but thought the h/l spread was larger than what I like for a $14 stock.

Later in the day I see JCP had a nice short opportunity on a break of the 2pm bar low. This week... JCP has been about the only legit trade I have missed. Would've been a nice gain too. I try to look at the positive and say that trades were out there that would've made my week and I (nothing else) missed them. Don't think I'll be trading tomorrow either.


shane said...

get inspired to trade from reading your blog and some of the comments. will be exciting to see your trading records at tradingarcade.com together with the rest of the guys. will be back to read more.

Brant said...

couldn't short ZUMZ through IB or through my prop firm :( not enough shares to short - saw that guy as well