Jul 24, 2008

No trades

Not really by choice that I didn't trade... my trading software wouldn't boot up. Called IB and they said it was my ISP that was blocking the TCP or some shit like that. After asking the guy 3 times (since I waited 10 minutes) if there was anything he could do the best he came up with was for me to call my ISP. Remember, I live in France - the land of no customer service. In fact, if you actually want customer service it's gonna cost you .34 euros a minute just for the right to call.

So, after fumbling around and becoming extremely frustrated with not being able to even find the customer service number I thought I would use IB's online chat service. Long story short.. Raymond fixed me up in a jiffy after making a small adjustment to my .ini file.

I didn't even run my scan till 11:40.
However, I did go through a little exercise and looked at the charts up till 10:15 and placed my alerts as if I was going to actually trade. It was good exercise as it helped me formulate a routine that I can follow every day. In any case, I missed one very good B&B trade that I'm pretty sure I would've taken. It was AMZN... here's the chart:


TL said...

B & B seems to be a good strategy. What is your stop and exit on AMZN?

bl said...

Nice. 9/5" hammer also. PNSN10/5 4/30. Many nice charts today: BA a gimme downgrade alla Jamie. Wish I caught that. News is good

OONR7 said...

tl: yes, I do like B&B and I feel like I'm able to recognize them a bit better now. VAR, AFL and KGC were others I missed. My stop for AMZN would've been my normal stop(opposite side of entry). As for exits... still working on that. Not sure I can incorporate fib. lines or not.

bl: yes, I saw BA as well. However, the potential entry off the 3-min was right above my intraday S2. I'm starting to question the strength (in terms of support or resistance) of the intraday pivots with QT.