Aug 21, 2008

A lot of work

And nothing to show... well, a loss. Between trading SU, KGC, RDC and PBR one time around I was up, but not by much. Then I entered SU again later in the day and I ended up red. I was up a good amount today at one point but price just couldn't sustain itself. I remember last year at this time there were a lack of candidates... but I'm being pretty active recently. The movement is just very choppy.


Anonymous said...

is it me or the market since May has gone nuts.

TraderAm said...

It's the treadmill again...have you borrowed it off me ?

Did you just trade 3min tframe on the stocks you mentioned ?


bl said...

FCL ACI MEE PCU upgraded coals took off. 15"/30" 1st 1/2hr: ltd ssri dks kgc sglp crm jdsu hot. scalp: ms pcle

OONR7 said...

anon: Yeah, I do recall the end of May being the start of a drawdown period for me.

traderam: I hope it wasn't contagious. I traded all off the 3-min chart except PBR, which was one of my losers. My second entry off SU (3-min) was the other loser. The rest did fairly well but I did give back a ton of profits. Hate when that happens but it does happen.