Aug 11, 2008

No trades

Came very close to entering short AU on a break of the 11:39 bar low but the R:R was what I'd like it to be. Although, I did say I would take a slightly lower than 2R r:r but it just didn't happen. Would've been a nice gain.


TraderAm said...

Hello 00nr7.

Not much going on for me today either. I know what you mean about AU (I was watching that on 15min). Did you look at AU on 15 min ? Just wondered what you thought about any possible entries ?


bl said...

Beautiful 15/30" charts. TAKE IT! The importance of understand intermarket relationships; GOLD:$ I should make a chart of this.

OONR7 said...

bl: "Take it!" is such a good way of putting things. Often times I get stuck on the little nuances of a system. However, I do have a plan and that plan will bring me to the point of letting my winners run and implementing a 'Take it!' philosophy into my trading. I'm hoping I'm just a couple weeks away from that.

traderam: the 11:30 off the :15 was a nice setup but, again, the R:R on that spread was even worse in regards to the fib. ext. As BL said, this is one of those 'Take it', see where it goes and be very move your stop to breakeven asap. Would've worked well on that trade.