Oct 9, 2008

ANF - Short

Found a short entry with ANF after it retraced and formed a nice shooting star on the 12:15 bar. Entered on a break of that bar's low and scaled out my position to ensure profits. Overall, a good day with no losing trades to eat profits (can I get an amen???).


TraderAm said...

amen !!!

Nice trade. I entered of exact same trigger bar. The trend down is just perfect.

P.S> Are you brave enough to call the market bottom yet ? Must be close now. The only problem is, going long seems a bit alien :-)

Anonymous said...

hahaha.... I'm finding more and more people aren't brave to call the bottom anymore, Traderam.

Nice trade on ANF, 007NR

bl said...

Bravo!! Also -6/30". "Can we get a LONG already?