Oct 3, 2008

Burned... saved...

Burned again. Another choppy trading session today for me. I did have a chance to end up with a decent profit today (GPN) but decided to hold out and see how the position ends up. That decision put me in the red. But it wasn't too bad. Traded FDO for a loss, MER for BE the first time then entered again for a loss, AMGN for BE and GPN was a nice gain that came waaay back down on me. 

I'm hoping next week will be more stable and I can start seeing some follow-thru. Although I may not be able to trade a couple days next week.
Have a good weekend.

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bl said...

VP talk about energy, energy, energy: coal oil solar rallied at the get go. Wasted my time on other things, but would have been a nice financial UYG short after passage. Alot of money energy buying into it.