Oct 11, 2008


Ended up messing around with the NQ and ES e-minis again. With the wild market swings, gapper candidates are hard to come by. Did well despite placing around 8 round-trip trades. Mostly small winners as I was pretty cautious. If I continue to do well I may do a whole post on it. I was trading on the 1-min chart after pretty much discarding the stocks on my WL. 

Let's see how it goes.


bl said...

NR7 don't you have a fixed WL that you might change from time to time, like Jamie? I have a 34 WL of different industries: +20(amr) to -14(abx). Airlines have been a beta group for awhile with big %'s.They all faded the gap then reversed, then reversed again around the 2:20 magic hour.

OONR7 said...

bl: I don't have a set WL of stocks I check regularly. What I may start doing is looking at the QQQQs and some of the other high-volume stocks to look for opportunities. I really enjoyed trading the NQ on Friday and I will continue to look into that.