Oct 13, 2008

Futures... and JNJ

Nuff said. Despite being down early today I managed to make a lot of my losses back. Made a couple of changes mid-day and that seemed to help. My lone equity trade today, JNJ, managed to stop me out for a small loss after revising my stop and dumping half my shares at breakeven.


TraderAm said...

I don't believe it. I put my first DOW trade on my blog and here you are trading futures big time.
Do great minds think alike ?

Nice one.

bl said...

NR7 I looked at JNJ and don't see a trade esp just before lunch wait for the magic hour 2:30 that's when you rallies or sell offs. I see 2/30". Look at 5/10/20/50 ema's on 1/5/15/30 time frames. You'd be surpised. The news was banks got covered and MS got money a reason for the market to go UPUPUP. At 5am pst MS @11.6. Opened and on the 1 min chart bounced off the 50 ema(many times after too) and .5Fib; on the 5" chart bounced off 20 ema(many times after too)and .5Fib; 15"
bounced off the 5ema and .5Fib. We should all be making big money on at 900pt days. Get a WL for some beta stocks or etf's news stocks. I waste my time if I don't do that. With 100+ >+8% premkt there is no point in getting the perfect chart they all move up(or down). I do better with a few premkt chosen ones(5-10) and just watch the on 4 times zones. Don't mean to philosophize here. When you start making some serious money then I will too. GG

Jerry said...


I tried the help on QT to set ES, NQ and YM. Are the below settings right?



OONR7 said...

jerry: that's how I have it. You do use IB as well, correct?

OONR7 said...

traderam: I am really obsessed with futures right now. Just like I was at the beginning of the year. However, the way I trade it now is so much fun even though my win rate if much lower. Still a lot of work to do and a lot of tweaks to figure out. Nice trade with the DOW.

Jerry said...


Yes, I have IB. I got it to work now. I will paper trade for a while on this.

However, I cannot get YM to show. What is the symbol?
What is the requirement per contract anyway?

OONR7 said...

jerry: if you use QT... here's a useful link: http://www.quotetracker.com/help/ib.shtml