Aug 14, 2007


A great benefit of trading on Paris time is that when you have a crappy day, bedtime isn't too far away. However, I have all morning to think about it.
It wasn't that bad, but the stocks I entered didn't really move and I ended up trying to just limit my losses. I shorted WMT (twice) and SWY and ended up down .7R for the day.

Eh... I won't lose sleep over it. Hope you all did well.


Flatwallet said...

Don't worry about it. There really wasn't much to trade with. I saw a few like CCL but I passed. Much to my regret it moved substancially lower. I too considered WMT but passed as I didn't think it would move enough. Tomorrow will be another day. Hopefully better than today.

bl said...

Figured the WMT wouldn't move much: big name big shares old horse, BUT I thought the Briefing prmkt list was bountiful. I just didn't use it to full advantage, complete with fibs all the way inter/intra day. CFC MCO TMA GIGM KALU. I'm going to make that my exclusive list with 5 stocks as back up, naz >$40. One could trade any of those list of gappers and be profitable, maybe with the exception of face, or pullout the subprime list and short anything that didn't gap down cuz they all went down from the get go!
Can't wait till am time. Hope you had a deep sleep. Still in SNDK from today. Down and not a good trade.

OONR7 said...

BL... I actually had KALU loaded up in IB as a buy but the spread was like .29 on very low volume, that scared me away. I also wanted to short HTE but IB didn't have any shares - that was a nice move.