Aug 3, 2007

Summer vacation - part deux

The fact that I've taken multiple vacations this year is a good sign I'm assimilating well to my adopted country. These guys live, work and breathe for vacation... no kidding. My family and I are heading out to Greece next week which is a country I've wanted to visit for quite some time.
So, I won't be blogging nor trading and I don't even think I'm taking my laptop (that's a gametime decision right now).
The market was pretty quite today for me and I thought about entering CHK on a break of the 10:40 candle high (10-min) but didn't and missed a nice gain.
See you all in a week or so!!


Closet Daytrader said...

Enjoy your vacation!

Just curious... are you going to fly to Greece, or byN train?

OONR7 said...

thanks... definitely flying.

Jerry said...

They must have free wifi everywhere in Europe. :)

I was looking a CHK, too. But went with SGMS instead. See if they gap and both break $36.50 next week.

gary said...

Did you say quiet--U missed the big bang lol

Anyways enjoy your vacation--I found turkey to be much better than Greece although Greece is nice in its own ways

OONR7 said...

jerry: I really should just leave the laptop home :)

gary: you know, I meant quiet in the sense that I didn't trade, but then I saw your comment and looked at the market... wow.

gary said...

Call it the big bang--I am putting Nasser's theory to the test now--if this really is the turn then the market tried to rally today and came down more than 1% and on monday it should lose another 1%--if it does that its start of a definite bear cycle--I dont mean the 10% corrrection type I mean the BEAR market--last time his prediction came correct for bull market was I think somewhere in april/may of 2004 --I had just finished his book at the time--I didnt really beleive it--it happened the same weekend the market got pushed down 1% and came back up and gained another 1% on monday and thus began the bull cycle in full effect--I know most people think it began in 2003 but I think that's the bottom they are looking at. I honestly didn't beleive it that week since I had just finished his book--what coincidence and what a fool I was --Nasdaq was around 1600 if memory serves me right.

KC Equity Trader said...

Enjoy Greece and your time off. Life is about your experience. You trade so you can enjoy life and your experiences. I suggest leaving the lab top home and coming back refreshed.