Aug 2, 2007

Quotetracker tip

I plot out fib. lines on all stocks in my watchlist every day. So, there are many times when I've already drawn fib. lines on a stock previously and now I need to clear it out. Just takes 5 secs to remove, but this seems like a useless step.

I emailed Quotetracker about this and there is no button or feature right now that allows me to clear out all the fib. lines I've ever drawn on any chart. What they do recommend is the following:

If you want to clear all drawings on all charts, you can do so be deleting CHLINES.DAT file in the QT folder while QT is not running.

IMPORTANT: Quotetracker is usually located in your Program Files folder on your computer. This will clear out everything, so if you have some long term stocks or something that you don't want to have to redo... don't even think about this. However, if you're purely a daytrader, then knock yourself out. You can say thank you now.

Quotetracker support really is the best. Speaking of them, did any of you guys ever send them an email asking them to add automatic intraday fib. lines?


Jerry said...

Right button on CLEAR LINE and you will see a sub menu.

then choose 2 option = Clear Fib..

Hope this help.

Anonymous said...

I agree, they should at least have a "Clear Shapes" button.

Auto-Fibs would also be nice. I will try to put pressure on them to get it in :)

One feature I would like added in QT is a "Clear Watchlist" button. The only ways to empty a list are: 1) SHIFT+DEL on each symbol or 2) Delete the watchlist and recreate it. Another thing to do before the market opens...


Jerry said...

Well, for now, clear fib all at once would be OONR7's way.

Until then, keep email to quotetracker for improvement.

Hope they listen.