Aug 15, 2007


Since today was like yesterday, I just figured I'd use the same headline. Shorted ERJ and FRG and lost out on both (full R on FRG, half on ERJ). FRG had a nice setup later in the day (12:10, :10 chart) but I missed it. Would've been about 2R worth or so.

Tomorrow I guarantee a chart with a winning trade!!!!


richard said...

For all the index action, the moves in individual stocks seem really jumpy and abrupt the last couple days. Very hard to find good setups.

Tom T. said...

oonr7 - I do not do short trades because I am still learning and I do not really understand how it works but it seems that all my candidates this morning would have been good short trades - I forgot the term somebody used to describe them - countergaps? Stocks that gap up but drop below OR low? Maybe instead of scanning for down gaps, scan for up gaps and wait for the counter trend? I agree it is very slim pickings as everybody is afraid to get in if a stock makes too much of a move one direction or the other. I hope tomorrow is better - Tom T.

Jerry said...

Laptop to desktop monitor, great idea.

How long do have the laptop screen each day since you trade?

I am writing my blog, need some advise. Is the Previous Posts auto generated?


Flatwallet said...

Man...we should be rolling in greenbacks. Or we think we should. Part of my problem is that there are too many choices and with the market acting real choppy before a nice sell off, it results in crappy charts and then woosh the stock break down to yearly lows. Sucks, by then I've discarded the charts. King Jamie had a the trade of the year in Cal. Anyway, tomorrow is another day. I look forward that beautiful winning chart.

OONR7 said...

richard: agreed. Other than my ARW trade on Monday, I haven't seen any 'fantastic' setups. At least for what I'm looking for. Yesterday finally provided some opportunities but the action was very unreliable.

tom t: I do scan for gap up and down stocks. I am staying away from the countergap trades till after the summer. I used to really like them but I decided to trade in the direction of the gap for the summer.

jerry: what's your blog name, I'd definitely like to check it out. As for the laptop... I really bought it because when I had visitors in Paris, they would stay in the guest bedroom which acts as my office. So, I felt weird going into their room and bought a laptop instead. I've used the laptop for trading in Florida and it's just a faster processor than my desktop and found that Quotetracker worked really well on it. It occurred to me over the weekend to hook up my desktop monitor and I really love it. It's a bit of a pain in the ass hooking it all up every day (since I use my laptop throughout the house), but I really like looking at one chart full screen.

flatwallet: not sure about rolling in it, but I probably should be better than what I'm doing right now. I'm trying to stay disciplined but also get into every opportunity. Thursday and Friday will be great days... guaranteed!!!