Jul 17, 2007

Your mission

This is the latest email from someone (not Jerry) at QT:
"There is no code implementation for it. Really first request we ever got for this. Will see (but certainly not in the near future)."
So... this is my call to arms. I don't ask for favors very often, but if you are a regular reader of this site and like what I provide... I urge you to send an email to Quotetracker asking them to add automatic intraday fibonacci lines as an option. They can figure out whether to do it intraday or from yesterday's close.
What to do?
Send an email to Quotetracker
What to ask for?
Ask them if they can add automatic intraday fibonacci lines
What not to say?
Do not mention you are doing this because I asked you to.
What's the email address?
Who should participate?
You and possibly 3 of your friends (we need to make an impact)
They way I see it, we can have possibly 1,000 emails sent to them. We will be heard at the very least and they can't say it's the first they've heard of it anymore. This can be fun... especially if we can get it done. Talk about power of the people.
Thanks, in advance, for your help.


Flatwallet said...


Is this part of the holy grail too. Btw, you did not mention the payment term. Also is there a demo? Can can you get in one of the As seen on TV stores? I look forward to your reply.


Anonymous said...

Jerry Medved is the best. I dont use QT anymore, but they were really great customer service - better customer service & more patient than any pay-site provider. if its possible w/o a ton of hassle, they'll do it.


OONR7 said...

flatwallet... you'll need to deposit the million bucks first. Give me your trust and you'll get the holy grail :)

QQQBall... QT is the absolute best and Jerry Medved does indeed seem like a great guy. I'm just trying to be selfish and get them to add a tool that will make my day so much better.

Flatwallet said...

Oonr7: Can I get a 7 day demo? Anyway, so are in FL or Paris. If Paris, how it feel trading in that time zone? Btw, I have not renew the challenge I need to again, but the strange thing is that I have not been undiscipline in the past 6 days. I may not have completed the 14 day. Ha. I barely got to 11. But I thing it's made me better. Anyway, congrats on the streak. I hope you make it 100. Big Ups.

OONR7 said...

flatwallet... for you, the demo is a long as you like. I actually live in Paris (since last June) and have been vacationing in Florida (where I'm from) for the past three weeks. I personally enjoy trading via the Eastern time zone just because I can start at a good time (around 10am) and usually end by 2pm or so. That leaves a good chunk of time to do things that I want to do. Plus, in Paris, the 'next' trading day feels like forever. If you screw up then you've got the whole day to think about it. But... it is nice to have the morning and part of the afternoon off as well. I have 2 young kids and this arrangement as allowed me to spend more time with them than before... so it's all good.
Thanks for the good wishes regarding trading. There's no better feeling in the world when the stock you're trading goes in the direction you want it to and you make all the right moves (entries and exits). I've certainly paid my dues (as Rudy discussed on your site) and it's only now that I feel like I'm reaping the fruits of my labor for the past year. But hey... never know what tomorrow will through at me :)

D TradeIdeas said...

Have you taken a look at what's inside Trade-Ideas related to Fibonacci that can help you?

I must admit I am very envious of your trading situation and locale as I have a goal to return to that city with family and do the same!

We can also discuss Ti in QT - one of first integrations - if you like. Best to reach me at david"at"trade-ideas.com

JerryC said...

oonr7, do you file your own US tax?

This will be my first tax season as a trader (pt maybe), but none of the account know anything about trader tax (even I showed them the book). I heard it cost thousands to do tax at greencompany...

anyone one have advise?

OONR7 said...

jerryc... that's a good question. I have a tax firm that handle my return and that of my wife as well. However, it's only this year that I've really made an income out of trading so it should be interesting come next year. That's assuming I don't blow out my account in the next 4.5 months or so :)

JerryC said...

I see, hard work = hard money.

Flatwallet said...

You are far to disciplined to be blowing...your account that is.

Pretty cool man. I wish you great success have to learn from you one chart at a time.

OONR7 said...

flatwallet... lol. I hope I can do what X did for me and give someone out there the tools to make successful trades.