Jul 9, 2007

No trades

I had a pretty full watchlist and came close to pulling the trigger on a few trades... but, I ended up sitting on my hands.

If you did well... feel free to leave a comment about your trade (just like Jason did - congrats to him)


rudy said...

naz or strong, printed a somewhat bullish-engul bar that subsequently failed to f/t. or low violated. wanted to see a candlestick reversal bottom pattern to indicate market had found strong support. the 9th bar hammer off of the 5ema was especially encouraging. since my set-ups were breaking-out from sound bases, i felt mkt had momo.

crox b/o 8th bar high
cmi b/o 9th bar high
kbr b/o 10th bar high

thanks, rudy

OONR7 said...

rudy... congrats on the great trades. I'm going to start incorporating IB's top gainers/losers list in the morning (sorting by volume) as CMI and KBR both did not show up on my prophet scan at 9:50. Not sure I would've entered CMI although there was a nice NR7, inverted hammer candle on the 7th (:15). I know King Jamie took it.
KBR was nice off the 10:10 hammer (5-min). But again... none of these showed and I ended watching from the sidelines for the most part.

bl said...

Nice trades and thanks for your trade info on some other site. BTW, looking at Briefing via Jamie's site gave one some great news=solar!! I have 150 naz stocks mostly >$40 on a watchlist. As soon as the market opens I just click % column and they all get in a row from +FSLR down to -PLCE, I look to see if there's gaps, wait awhile to see if there are some non gaps that rally, perhaps reverse, reverse again, and move out like AMZN. 21 were up over 2%. Add another 9 nyse. Also have nyse list with same idea but focus on the naz. CMI was upgraded before mkt. CAT and DE went with it. Bidu downgraded at least you knopw some eyeballs are on them. And just to think all thios infor goes around the world for traders to to ponder over! Good trading oonr7. Like surfing it takes time to get the timing back. vCheck out Barron's pan: SONO. Traded ISIS 5/15 for coffee/donut! One of the Bloggers bot 6000 JASO and did well. In due time.

OONR7 said...

thanks BL for the info. Yes, I think the week off certainly threw off my timing as I check the 5, 10 and 15 charts. However, I'm also included IB into my daily watchlist scan routine and I hope that will include some trades not caught by prophet.